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24 March 2006 @ 12:34 am
Weekly Summary  

Sunday, 27th July 1997

Remus and Lily meet up between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade (incomplete)
In which Remus tells Lily how James really feels and Lily is rather taken aback.

Monday 28th July 1997

Padma's sounding a little bemused after being given shopping 'training' by her sister (complete)

Tuesday 29th July 1997

Kevin's still not allowed to come home and is talking a lot about a mysterious "B". (complete)

Mandy is in Spain now, and isn't finding it so very different from home (complete)

Wednesday 30th July 1997

Megan's ready to return to school, given that her summer romance is ending (complete)

Ernie asks the other Hufflepuffs whether they've heard from Justin lately (complete)
Justin himself responds

Thursday 31st July 1997

It's Harry's birthday and he's still alive! (complete)

Lily's birthday owl to Harry (complete)

Ron's birthday owl to Harry (complete)

James's birthday owl to Harry (complete)

Remus's birthday owl to Harry (complete)

Hannah invites the other Hufflepuffs to a sleepover at her flat in London (complete)

Friday 1st August 1997

Michael has had an epiphany, but is still no closer to finding peace. (complete)

Parvati has been watching couples snogging in apothecaries... (complete)

James is feeling reminiscent as the 70s crowd approaches a full year in the 90s. (complete)

Draco has procured a site for the library, although his method of doing so remains undisclosed. (complete)

The Hufflepuff sleepover at Hannah's flat (incomplete)
A wounded Justin makes a mysterious appearance.

Updates from previous weeks

Friday 11th July: Lily stays at Theodore's house (incomplete)
Still going, and things seem to be heating up.

Saturday 26th July 1997 Lily arrives at the Dursleys' to spend some time with Harry (incomplete)

A few quotes from the week

Lily: I like Theodore, I really do. He doesn't argue with me about everything.

Padma: I'm being forced to chew down every bite of food in case I forget to eat in Hogwarts.

Kevin: Are you undergoing bird training?

Harry: Wow, I've just turned 17, and no one is trying to kill me.

Parvati: Merlin above! Tell me what I did wrong, I promise I'll never do it again! I'll make my own bed! I'll stop dragging Padma out on shopping trips! I'll not argue with Mumma! Anything!!

James: It's always more fun when there's the possibility of being beaten to smithereens.

Memory Inspired posts this week

* None this week

Welcomes and Farewells

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