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03 April 2006 @ 11:43 pm
Weekly Summary  

Monday 4th August 1997

The Daily Prophet reports the appointment of Ministry administrator Reginald Wormstrank as the new Headmaster of Hogwarts (complete)
In a press conference, he mentions the possibility of dissolving the four houses.

Daphne is going to be an aunt and has passed her Apparation test (complete)
She is less impressed with her riding competition result, however

Tracey is surprised by Wormstrank's appointment; she was expecting McGonagall (complete)
She's particularly unimpressed with the idea of dissolving the houses

Lily is concerned about the choice of Headmaster and about the prospect of mixing houses (complete)

Tuesday 5th August 1997

Lisa's feeling the need to enjoy the rest of summer, now that it's almost over (complete)

Millicent hopes the new Headmaster will be more qualified than the last. (complete)

Blaise's mother has officially been classified missing and he's looking forward to getting back to school (complete)

Molly is being overbearing and Ron wants to go back to Romania; he can't wait for school to start (complete)
Important because: comments show that he's still blaming Remus for Ginny's death

Parvati is disappointed in the Ministry's selection and the measures he has in mind. (complete)

Wednesday 6th August 1997

Anthony is not optimistic about Wormstrank's appointment; he's working double shifts at the moment (complete)

Remus is upset about Ron's attack on him and is blaming himself (complete)

Padma has no objection to Wormstrank as long as he doesn't dissolve the houses (complete)

Mandy is a little concerned about the idea of the abolition of houses (complete)

Thursday 7th August 1997

The Patil twins and Ron stage their elaborate plan to fool Mrs Patil into believing Parvati has a boyfriend (incomplete)

Justin is back after a "period of inactivity" – and has a new dog (complete)

Justin sends chocolates and thanks to Zach and Hannah (complete)

Anthony's glad the upcoming weekend is his last one at work (complete)

Friday 8th August 1997

Hannah is wondering about who the new Head Boy and Head Girl will be, along with the additions to the Ravenclaw Quidditch team (complete)

Draco is unworried about the suggested dissolution of houses, and is more interested in two newly discovered properties he now owns (complete)

Katie's feeling left out now that everyone's heading back to school, but at least she has a job interview lined up (complete)

Tracey and her parents are off on a mini-break (complete)

Saturday 9th August 1997

Hermione implores her peers to be calm about Wormstrank's appointment (complete)

Noah's anxiously waiting his OWL results, although he's sure he's done well (complete)

Kathryn is in St Mungo's after a riding accident and her mother isn't impressed with riding or the journals (complete)

Millicent's grandparents are visiting, and it seems her grandmother has found her an appropriate suitor (complete)

Zach's looking forward to the upcoming year, largely in sporting terms (complete)

Ron seems a little confused about what the real outcome of his evening of pretending to be Parvati's boyfriend is (complete)

Sunday 10th August 1997

On the eve of what would've been Ginny's birthday, Michael is considering the possibility of not returning to Hogwarts (complete)

James is after cooking tips (complete)

Draco is heading up to view his properties. He isn't entirely convinced Voldemort has gone for good (complete)

Updates from previous weeks

Friday 1st August 1997 – Backdated this week Justin owls Zach about his injuries (complete)

Friday 1st August 1997 The Hufflepuff sleepover at Hannah's flat (incomplete?)
Further about Justin's injuries.

Friday 11th July: Lily stays at Theodore's house (incomplete)
Still going along in a very soppy fashion *g*