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12 April 2006 @ 12:12 pm
Weekly Summary  

Monday 11th August 1997

Wormstrank sends owls to Lily and Anthony informing them that they are the new Hogwarts Head Girl and Head Boy (complete)

Wormstrank sends an owl to Michael, awarding him the position of Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain (complete)

Letter sent to all students along with their booklist for the new school year (complete)
The letter includes several staffing changes, the first notification of a new letter writing project and confirmation that the Hogwarts houses will remain in place for the upcoming year

Noah was quite pleased with his OWL results and wonders what Slughorn will be like as a Potions teacher (complete)

Lily tells her friends she's been made Head Girl (complete)

Anthony is less than impressed about being made Head Boy (complete)
James reveals his true feelings in a private comment

Pansy is not impressed at having missed out on the Head Girl role (complete)

Hermione is upset about not receiving the Head Girl role, and also because it should have been Ginny's birthday (complete)

Michael has been made Quidditch Captain for Ravenclaw. He, too, is thinking about Ginny on her birthday (complete)

Tuesday 12th August 1997

Megan wonders what the project Wormstrank mentioned might be (complete)

Victoria can't wait to get back to school and is thinking of joining a study group that term (complete)

Tracey has had a lovely holiday and will be back in England on Friday (complete)

Wednesday 13th August 1997

For the first time, Padma is looking forward to going back to school, although she's not sure how it will all turn out (complete)

Thursday 14th August 1997

Lavender has had a lovely holiday, most of it spent sunbaking (complete)

Friday 15th August 1997

Theodore has seriously been considering not going back to Hogwarts, but he's going to do so, if only because Lily will be there... and to keep an eye on James (complete)

Victoria's trip to Diagon Alley went well, and will be staying with her Grandmother's place in Yorkshire for the weekend (complete)

Saturday 16th August 1997

Millicent has met her proposed husband and he turns out to be a good match (complete)

Sunday 17th August 1997

Updates from previous weeks

Thursday 7th August 1997 The Patil twins and Ron stage their elaborate plan to fool Mrs Patil into believing Parvati has a boyfriend (incomplete?)

Friday 11th July: Lily stays at Theodore's house (incomplete?)
The thread that never ends *g*

A few quotes from the week

James: (To Anthony, regarding his being made Head Boy) You know, there are those of us who would have had the role if we hadn't been thrust 20 years into the future and who would have ended up marrying the girl we loved largely due to the role, so really, it's in extremely bad taste to complain about getting the opportunity to be Head Boy beside said girl where the aforementioned people - well, person - can read it.

Pansy: Granger may be booksmart and an insufferable little suck-up, but she's still a Mudblood.

Michael: I miss you, Gin. Every blessed day, I miss you. Every damned day, it still hurts.

Memory Inspired posts this week

* None this week

Welcomes and Farewells

* Goodbye and thank you to Charlie, former co-Mod and Harry from the beginning of the game.
* Welcome to Brooke, who has brought Victoria Frobisher to the game.