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17 April 2006 @ 10:29 pm
Weekly Summary  

Monday 18th August 1997

Mandy won't be getting a chance to go to Diagon Alley for her books, so she'll be buying them in Spain instead (complete)

Victoria had a good time at her grandmother's house, although her cat was a little worried about the garden gnomes... (complete)

The Daily Prophet reports that the war is officially over, as stated by the Ministry (complete)
They also announce the end of the Department of Peace

Susan finds the Prophet ridiculous, but is optimistic about seventh year (complete)

Tuesday 19th August 1997

Hannah's mother is still convinced she's desperately upset about the broken engagement. Hannah, however, is more concerned about Ernie's wellbeing (complete)

Vicky is looking forward to starting Charms Club up again (complete)

Hannah, worried about Ernie, turns up on her best friend's doorstep (incomplete)

Blaise is amused that the Ministry thinks the war has ended (complete)

Daphne is back from an impromptu family holiday in Rome, full of pasta and ready to shop (complete)

Wednesday 20th August 1997

Lily intends to owl Wormstrank to get a few Head Girl matters cleared up before school goes back, but she's feeling a little nervous (complete)

Lily owls Wormstrank about the Head Girl role (complete)

Seamus has been so busy working that he hasn't had the chance to write in his journal (complete)

James is finishing up at Madam Puddifoot's next Wednesday. He seems a little conflicted about not being Head Boy (complete)

Thursday 21st August 1997

Lisa has had barely any sleep all week, as her brother has used watching her as an excuse for endless partying (complete)

Anthony feels the need to explain himself. It's not so much that's he's upset about being given the Head Boy role as that he's a little wary of taking it on with a new Headmaster (complete)

Seamus has been receiving fake secret admirer owls from Fred Weasley and is getting a little fed up (complete)

Victoria is looking forward to the weekend, as she'll be staying with her brother in Diagon Alley (complete)

Friday 22nd August 1997

Zach's a little overexcited about the new Phoenix broomstick (complete)

Megan has been trying for a new broom, with no luck (complete)

Remus congratulates Lily and Anthony on their new positions, although he is not looking forward to going back to school, especially with Ron still angry at him (complete)

Neville's Gran has finally allowed him to get his school supplies on his own (complete)

Saturday 23rd August 1997

Millicent was going to throw a coming of age party, but has now changed her mind. She is, however, due to meet Apollo's parents (complete)

Kevin is back at his parents' place, although he has had a recent visit from the mysterious "B". (complete)

Sunday 24th August 1997

Draco is most pleased with the properties he has been inspecting in the north of England. Both have strong ties to the Dark Arts (complete)

Hermione has plenty of advice to give out about the coming year (complete)

Vicky had a great weekend in London, catching up with family and friends and seeing some Muggle sights (complete)

It's a matter of life and death: Seamus must know whether the Kestrels are playing at Exmoor next week (complete)

Updates from previous weeks

Friday 11th July: Lily stays at Theodore's house (incomplete)

Welcomes and Farewells

* Brooke has picked up a second character: Seamus Finnigan.
* A big welcome to John, who has taken on the much-needed role of Neville.
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