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26 February 2006 @ 01:24 pm
Weekly Summaries are here again!  
Okay, I'm going to try to get back into weekly updates (game time weekly, not RL weekly *g*) so I have a very basic one from the last week, hopefully to be followed by a better one for the current week. I was limited in this one by GJ not letting me see more than 40 entries on James's flist.

Wednesday 9th July 1997
James is being responsible (complete)
Relevant for character development.

Friday 11th July 1997
Lily stays at Theodore's house (incomplete)
Further development of whatever it is they're currently calling what they're doing *g* Awkwardness and familiarity, all in the one thread.

Draco indicates that he is not content with the post-war situation (complete)
Relevant in that it shows there is still much more upheaval yet to come, Voldemort or not.

Saturday 12th July 1997
Justin convinces Zach to attend the Engagement Ball (complete)
A short but emotional thread between two friends who really don't want the engagement to go ahead

Engagement Ball introductory thread (complete)
In which Ernie and Hannah ready themselves, the Slytherins spend a lot of time talking about how pathetic the whole thing is, James latches onto a gorgeous pair of twins, and the other Hufflepuffs wait for the worst. Really, it's a great post in terms of the calm before the storm...

Engagement Ball main thread (mostly complete)
To put an end to the engagement, Ernie snogs Justin thoroughly in front of the entire assembled group of guests. The Slytherin group is disgusted, Justin feels crushed and betrayed, James worries about cake (and snogging Parvati?), Blaise is definitely not won over, Draco shows he cares by threatening violence if Ernie messes with Blaise again, Hannah and Zach reunite, the other Hufflepuffs think the whole thing is great, and everyone basically marvels at the drama of it all.
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Hee, Theodore probably would too!