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24 March 2006 @ 12:39 am
Weekly Summary  
GAH. And because I totally forgot to post last week's lot:

Monday 21st July 1997
James got into work to find himself faced with a buzzard (complete)

Tuesday 22nd July 1997

Tracey and her mother have returned to Toronto, following the ball (complete)

Draco visits his father's grave for the first time since the funeral (complete)
Important for: character development and insight into where Draco is headed

Wednesday 23rd July 1997

Lisa ran into Vincent in Diagon Alley: apparently he's a wizard too! (complete)

Hermione is back home again, much to Crookshanks's approval (complete)

Mandy is heading over to Spain with her parents and has finished up at the library (complete)

Remus had a bad encounter with a particularly rude customer (complete)

Remus sends owls to his friends (complete)
Important because: James is insistent upon Remus completely forgetting the things he said on the night of the full moon, while Remus is elsewhere arranging to meet Lily to discuss something about James...

Millicent's grandparents are staying with her and her father. Meanwhile, her father is still researching his corpses! (complete)

Thursday 24th July 1997

Sirius turns up at Remus's workplace. Flirting and discussions about Sirius's need to find work ensue (incomplete)

Saturday 26th July 1997

Lily arrives at the Dursleys' to spend some time with Harry (incomplete)

Suellen has been busy cleaning all week, much to her displeasure (complete)

Noah is going to be an uncle. His parents still aren't sure how to take the news. (complete)

Lily is starting to look forward to the new school year, although it won't be the same without Dumbledore (or Ginny). (complete)

Updates from previous weeks

Saturday 19th July: Blaise and Justin meet in Diagon Alley (complete)
We are shown that Blaise is more than capable of violence... although there appears to be some of the old Blaise still lurking deep inside.

Wednesday 16th July: Noah and Tracey meet in Diagon Alley (incomplete)
They seem surprisingly friendly. Draco wouldn't approve of what Noah's thinking *g*

Sunday 20th July: Remus and James meet at Hogwarts for the full moon (complete)
After a lot of badgering from Remus, James reveals something about Lily that he usually doesn't even allow himself to think.

Friday 11th July: Lily stays at Theodore's house (incomplete)
More tentative conversation between the two.

A few quotes from the week

James: Just pretend I said something exceedingly witty.

James: You're assuming I want to move on. You're assuming I want to stop loving her. I don't. Call me a hopeless romantic, or an idiot, or whatever, but she's just a part of who I am. Always has been, always will be. Stop loving Lily? I might as well stop breathing.

Remus: Leave me talking to a stag, why don't you?

Noah: Oh, yes, my brother got his girlfriend pregnant. Nice one, Jon.

Sirius: I have been resting. I have done nothing but rest. If I rest anymore my muscles will all fall off and then you'll come back to school and say 'My, Sirius, you're looking awfully skins-and-bonesy,' and I'll say 'Yes, but they're very well-rested bones,' and then you'll all go off to class and I won't be able to follow because I won't have any leg muscles to walk on. And then my brain will rot away. Is that what you want, Lupin?

Remus: Mint is horrid
Sirius: Take it back, or the mint will make you sorry.
Remus: I'm not taking it back. I still think it's a green, slimy, toothpaste-tasting and absolutely foul flavour.
Sirius: You're making it angry. And you know what mint does when it's angry, don't you?
Remus: This is getting ridiculous. You're threatening me with ice-cream. The kids in the playground are staring at us.
Sirius: I'm not threatening you. The ice cream is threatening you. As well it should. It's just standing up for itself.

Remus: What do you think you what to be?
Sirius: A superhero. Or a pirate. That's it. I'll swash everybody's buckles right off. How much do you think a buckle is worth?

Suellen: Corpses, huh? You purebloods really corner the market on weird.

Noah: Sounds nice. The garden, not the corpses.

Draco: I will succeed where the Dark Lord failed.

James: Putting aside the general question of who the hell has a buzzard for a pet, what on earth would make a person decide it's appropriate to bring one into a café?

Noah: It's bad enough that they had a pet buzzard but calling it Horatio? Surely there's a crime being committed here.

Lily: (to James) You mean there was chaos and for once, you weren't the one behind it?

Ron: You're a girl, of course you're glad how it turned out. It was all romantic and stuff.

Memory Inspired posts this week

Transient by Tara

Welcomes and Farewells

* Rin joined us as Sirius

* Carolina has unfortunately left us. We thank her once again for her wonderful Cho, and for leaping into the lurch when it came to Hermione. Oh, and the oldschool players probably remember her Sinistra as well :)
Nicole: mi; claws // _vexedvixen_neffable on March 24th, 2006 02:55 am (UTC)
Stop loving Lily? I might as well stop breathing.
Lily just about fainted at that. Now she's all conflicted ;)

Some fabulous quotes there XD
Defected to Dreamwidthaugustuscaesar on March 24th, 2006 04:42 am (UTC)
James just about fainted at it too *g*