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27 April 2006 @ 09:39 pm
Weekly Summary: Monday 25th August 1997 – Sunday 31st August 1997  

Monday 25th August 1997

Padma is not so sure about Slughorn although she believes DADA will be more informative from now on (complete)

Michael and Anthony arrange to meet at the bridge to give Ginny her birthday present (complete)

Michael and Anthony meet at the bridge (incomplete)

Tuesday 26th August 1997

Luna has returned from her Nargle hunting expedition. She wonders how many people will see the Thestrals this year. (complete)

Vicky updates Seamus on the Kestrals game (complete)

Wednesday 27th August 1997

It's Tracey's turn to be pressured to find a suitor (complete)

Neville is both excited and nervous at the prospect of returning to school (complete)

Seamus is off to the Kestrels game on Friday (complete)

Noah is horrified that people are only now doing their summer homework (complete)

Thursday 28th August 1997

Remus thinks it's time the Marauders reminded the school they're alive and well (complete)

Sirius has a cold and wants everyone to know about it (complete)

Lavender's new mission in life is to ensure everyone's last year at Hogwarts is fun (complete)

Remus owls chocolate and class notes to Sirius (complete)

Padma is beginning to realise how much she's missed Hogwarts (complete)

Friday 29th August 1997

James intends to see the summer out with scones, firewhisky and unfinished homework (complete)

The NEWTs are not Draco's reason for returning to school (complete)

Peter's found a new passageway, although a summer of thinking has left him no less confused (complete)

Anthony is getting into his Head Boy role and reminds the seventh years that it's no excuse not to study (complete)

Ron has finished his homework! (yes, we were surprised too) (complete)

Saturday 30th August 1997

The Marauders and Lily rule the school for a day (incomplete)

Hermione has mixed feelings about her return to school, but she is still trying to be positive (complete)

Mandy also has mixed feelings, and sees the return to school almost as an end to summer hibernation (complete)

Seamus is on a post-Quidditch high after a win to the Kestrels (complete)

Victoria seems to be over-checking everything ready for school (complete)

Lisa's also all set for her return to school (complete)

Michael is readying himself for his return, albeit reluctantly (complete)

Sunday 31st August 1997

Katie has found herself a job (complete)

Lily asks whether anyone else has heard about Princess Diana's car accident (complete)

The prefects' carriage on the Hogwarts Express (incomplete)

Wormstrank opens the school year (complete)

On the Hogwarts Express (incomplete)

Updates from previous weeks

Friday 11th July: Lily stays at Theodore's house (incomplete)
James said that they had better go back to the house! Seriously, he is upset right now

Tuesday 19th August: Hannah, worried about Ernie, turns up on her best friend's doorstep (incomplete)

Quote of the week:

Mandy: Next they're going to say Voldemort was only there because he wanted to invite Dumbledore over for tea.

Welcomes and Farewells

* A big welcome to our newest member, Vix!
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Defected to Dreamwidthaugustuscaesar on April 27th, 2006 01:16 pm (UTC)
I think he's also grumbling about damaged goods, so don't feel too sorry for him ;)

I almost choked on my tea when I first read that *g*